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Leaving the television or the radio on can definitely keep them happy, as it provides them with the company of some human voices.

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Buyer must contact seller for consultation, PRIOR to treatments or surgery for genetic defects, to review all possible treatments.

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The dog was prominent on the label, and there was a philanthropic twist. More…

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Thruthfully, I couldn’t even afford any of this, as much as it’s hurting me. More…

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There was one very touching moment, where it all seemed to 'click' for Mambo. My Mom was trying to get out of a chair. I would have of course helped her, but for as long as possible, she wanted to be in charge of her own mobility. I watched her try and get up about 5 times, once after another. Mambo less than a year old, sat in front of her and watched. After about the fifth try, my Mom was frustrated.

Curly Coated Retrievers were used too, but these lines were discontinued.

Our application process acts as a screening method to be sure our puppies go to only the best fit homes.

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