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Although all dogs need attention and playtime, an adult dog's needs are far less demanding than a puppy's.

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We expect every breeder to support genetic research not only in doing the four major clearances but also by contributing to a DNA databank available to researchers.

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Because the genetic makeup is diverse from the Poodle genes and the Golden Retriever genes, the resultant first generation F1 offspring is a complete genetic gamble. More…

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We are so proud of him. More…

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The Goldendoodle Association supports its Member breeders by providing access to the latest research and guidance from experts in fields such as breed development, canine reproduction, and puppy development. GANA’s goal is to guide the development of the Goldendoodle breed in the best possible way using current science and technology available to enhance health, raise puppies with the best possible temperaments, and avoid the mistakes of many of the AKC breeds regarding genetic diversity. Poodles have a reputation for being hypoallergenic, meaning that they can supposedly be tolerated by people who have allergies to dogs. Because they have the Poodle in their heritage, Goldendoodles are sometimes promoted as being hypoallergenic. But allergies are not caused by a particular dog coat type but by dander, the dead skin cells that are shed by all dogs and people. There is no scientific evidence that any breed or cross breed is more or less allergenic than any other dog.

Many of the Goldendoodle dog breeders wean litters from their mothers way too soon.

We took her to a local Church a couple weeks back as they were having their annual Pet Blessing.

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